Along the Sunset (2020) <Listen: YouTube>

Guitar and synth Soundscape

Back to Strangers (2008) <Download>
by Marimo Green Ball

1. Back to Strangers (music by Carney & Fukagawa, lyrics by Carney)
2. It’s 20 (music by Fukagawa & Lanning)
3. Photostand (music by Fukagawa)
4. Keep on Trying (music & lyrics by Carney)
5. Better in the Forty (music by Carney)
6. Unspoken (music by Carney & Lanning, lyrics by Carney)
7. Rush Hour Traffic (music by Carney)
8. Sweet Nightmare (music & lyrics by Fukagawa)
9. Brazilian Breeze (music by Fukagawa & Lanning)
10. A Simple Song For You (music & lyrics by Carney)
11. Deep in My Heart (music by Carney & Fukagawa, lyrics by Fukagawa)

All 11 tracks in this album are composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by Marimo Green Ball; Joshua D. Carney, vocals, drum kit, keyboard; Yoshihiro Fukagawa, guitar; Aaron J. Lanning, bass.
Supported by Elizabeth Cullen, tenor sax on track #7, and Luise Shuffle, cello on track #10.
Produced and audio engineered by Joshua D. Carney.
CD artwork and design by Joshua D. Carney.


Chamber Works

Our Story (2019) <Video Available>

Duet for Cello and Guitar

2019 NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest entry

•Approximate Duration ~ 4:30

Sphere (2019) <Video Available>

Soundscape for Guitar and Synthesizer 

Feathers of Black Swan (2014) <Listen: live recording>

Duet for alto saxophone and bassoon commissioned by Dr. J. Adam Briggs, D.M.A.

Premiered on January 10, 2015 at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA


Ten Sho Rin Ne: A Continuous Transformation (2014) <Video Available>
for Electric Guitar, Clarinet in B-flat, Bassoon, String Quartet, Vibraphone, Bass Guitar, and Drum Kit
Featured on Composers Circle website, September 7, 2014
•Approximate Duration ~ 15:00
(Footage from Yoshihiro Fukagawa DMA Composition Recital)

Sweet Dreams (2013) <Listen: live recording>
For String Quartet and Two Vibraphones
Selected for inclusion on, December 12, 2015
•Approximate Duration ~ 6:13

Links (2014) <Listen: live recording>
Guitar Solo
0:00-1:29 "Echo of Origins"
1:30-5:18 "Nostalgia"
5:19-9:58 "Links"
(Audio from Yoshihiro Fukagawa DMA Composition Recital)

Dance in Crimson ~Mysterious Candlelight~ (2012) <Video Available>
Guitar Duet (steel or nylon strings)
•Approximate Duration ~ 4:30
(Footage from MSU Composition Area Premier Recital, Spring 2012)

Gray Cat Waltz (2008, 2012) <Listen: live recording>
Guitar Duet
•Approximate Duration ~ 4:00

Voyager from Another Dimension (2011)  <Video Available>
I. New Frontier
II. Exploration
III. Direct Contact
Duet for Vibraphone and Cello
•Approximate Duration ~ 6:30
(Footage from MSU Composition Area Premiere Recital, Fall 2011)

Sleeping Giant -Noise in the Forest- (2012) <Listen: live recording>
Duet for Tuba and Timpani
•Approximate Duration ~ 2:45

Sound of Eclipse (2015)
Melody of Wings (2014)
Duet for violin and guitar, commissioned by Dr. Ji Hyun Kim, DMA
Premiered on May 11, 2015 at Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI

Army of Angels (2010)
Quartet for Electric Guitar, Cello, Piano, and Percussion
•Approximate Duration ~ 6:45

Tricolour Voices (2012)
Trio for Flute, Clarinet in B-flat, and Cello
•Approximate Duration ~ 8:50

Generation of Hybrid Philosophy (2011)
I. Beyond Every Conflict
II. Awakening Within
III. With My Own Voice <Listen: live recording>
Electric Guitar Concerto for Solo Electric Guitar, two Trumpets in B-flat, two Vibraphones, Piano, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, and Drum Kit
•Total approximate Duration ~ 13:00
(Audio from CMU Composition Studio Recital, Spring 2011)


Wind Ensemble/Band


There Will Be Another Sunrise (2011, Revised 2012) <Listen: live recording>
for Concert Band

•Approximate Duration ~ 6:30
(Audio from the Spring band reading session, April 2011, Central Michigan University)



Dark Knights of Valhalla (2010) <Listen>
for Solo Electric Guitar and Orchestra
•Approximate Duration ~ 6:17
(Audio engineered by Joshua D. Carney)

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